Video Broadcasting

Video Broadcasting

Video Broadcasting

NFOrce Internet Services fully allows broadcasting (live streaming) without hidden policies or limitations on your offer. This means we do not ask what you broadcast nor do we judge what you broadcast, how you broadcast or when you broadcast.

Really no limits?

Although we have no explicit limits, we do have to abide to national and international laws and policies. If you are going to host content which is not owned by you it could very well be you will get problems with owners of copyrighted material or authorities which act on behalf of the copyright owner. In this case we cannot stand by your side and fight for your cause, you are responsible for your own content.

When providing a (live) broadcasting service, please put all your contact information on your website (at an easy-to-find contact page). This includes addresses, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses of the person(s) who is your legal representative or abuse contact. If the provided information is incorrect we may suspend or terminate your service. This is to ensure copyright holders, or authorities can contact you directly instead of using us as a communication portal.

When you are going to provide live video broadcasting, you may only choose your bandwidth to be billed on the 95 percentile line or unmetered. Fileserving, radio broadcasting, or non-live video broadcasting have no limitations or mandatory bandwidth billing options.


* Please read our abuse policy first.

When you want to use live broadcasting (where you use content, or parts of content where you are not the copyright holder of) we politely ask you to have (or develop) a takedown tool, because abuse has to dealt with within 30 minutes from the first notification. If no such tool is deliverd, or we find out abuse is not being dealt with accordingly we may terminate your order and/or deny service to you. We will do random checks to see if your abuse gets dealt with within the timelimit of 30 minutes, if abuse is not dealt with, or the timelimit is being exceeded over and over we may also deny service to you. Of course this will be used discreetly and is not a tool to block unwanted content.

NFOrce Internet Services supports the freedom of speech, an open internet and the freedom of information exchange. However we also must maintain the rights of owners of copyrighted material and minorities. We must act on behalf of them too if requested.