Dear Customers, We are closely monitoring the development of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). Below you can find an update on the quickly evolving situation which may affect our operations and might cause unforeseen delays for our customers.

Certain areas within the Netherlands are affected by the outbreak and we as NFOrce are forced to take precautions and implement safety measures. Unfortunately, this might cause delays which are caused by a limited active work force and other restrictions. We as NFOrce will still strive to minimize the delays as much as possible. We hope we can count on your understanding for the situation which is affecting the world.

We hope you all stay safe and take care.



From time to time we sponsor certain services and charities. Below is a (partial) list of the sponsoring and donations we have done in the past.

Liedjesfabriek (NL)

Donation to Liedjesfabriek. We have donated €2.500.
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Ripe Anchor

The RIPE Atlas project employs a global network of probes and anchors that measure Internet connectivity and reachability, and users can define their own measurements to the destination of their choice.
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Juzt (NL)

Additionally donation in 2017 to Juzt. We have donated gaming equipment.
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Make a Wish (NL)

This year (2017) a donation was made to Make a Wish (NL). "Wishes make life better for kids with life-threatening medical conditions. This simple, but powerful belief inspired the founding of Make-A-Wish and drives everything we do.".
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Many children, due to medical treatment or other causes, no longer have their hair. A hairpiece of real hair is very expensive. This charity helps children to get such a hairpiece without costs for the parents. In May 2016 we have donated to this charity.
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Kermisronde van Roosendaal

This is a bicycle race in our home town Roosendaal which is a yearly event during the funfair in Roosendaal. We sponsor this local initiative for many years and more to come.
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De Hart & Vaatgroep

This charity is focusses on hart and cardiovascular diseases. During the period 2007 till 2013 we have sponsored this charity.
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We sponsor by donating dedicated servers to them for use in their cluster.
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A free and open source RDP client.
Sponsorship inactive.
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A public testing server which runs on Plan9.
Sponsorship inactive.

Cyscon SIRT

Security Incident Reporting Service for network administrators.
Project ended in 2017!


This project is mainly about online media sharing.
Project ended in 2018!