We can provide backups for your server(s), we use software called Idera. This gives us the ability to backup entire servers, parts, or for example, only MySQL databases.

  • High performance backups (one initial replica, the rest will be synced after, instead of your entire data nightly)
  • Your data is stored on servers which are managed by NFOrce Internet Services
  • Access to your data 24/7 via backup control panel
  • Possibilities for encrypted backups
  • Very small backups thanks to high compression technologies (up to 2:1)
  • Creation of recoverypoints
  • Replicate entire disks

You need at least a server license and a storage pack in order to use this service. You may expand with additional storage packs in any combination.

  • Per server license (including MySQL): € 10.00 per month per license
  • Virtual license: € 5.00 per month per license
  • Storage
    • per 10 GB: € 2.50 per month per package
    • per 100 GB: € 5.00 per month per package
    • per 1000 GB: € 37.50 per month per package
    • per 10000 GB: € 250.00 per month per package

The datatraffic on the backup service is based on fair use policy (FUP).