Dear Customers, We are closely monitoring the development of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). Below you can find an update on the quickly evolving situation which may affect our operations and might cause unforeseen delays for our customers.

Certain areas within the Netherlands are affected by the outbreak and we as NFOrce are forced to take precautions and implement safety measures. Unfortunately, this might cause delays which are caused by a limited active work force and other restrictions. We as NFOrce will still strive to minimize the delays as much as possible. We hope we can count on your understanding for the situation which is affecting the world.

We hope you all stay safe and take care.

Network Infrastructure

We own darkfiber ring in Amsterdam, which gives us the abillity to have our own multihomed network with the best uptimes. And easily expand when we need to.


Below you will find information about our network infrastructure. If you have any questions you can contact our support.

Autonomous system (AS)

  • 43350
  • 64437

Point of Presence locations

  • Serverhosting data centers
  • NL-1 | Databarn Amsterdam (DBA)
  • NL-2 | Databarn Capelle a/d IJssel (DBC)
  • NL-3 | Nedzone Steenbergen (NZS)
  • Core PoP data centers
  • Global Switch Amsterdam (GSA)
  • Equinix AM7 (EQX-AM7)
  • Equinix AM5 (EQX-AM5)
  • BytesNet Rotterdam (BNR)
  • Nikhef (NIKHEF)
  • Passive PoP data centers
  • TelecityGroup Frankfurt
  • TelecityGroup London (HEX67)
  • TelecityGroup London 2 (HEX89)
  • Level(3) Frankfurt
  • Telehouse Paris 2 (Voltaire)

Additional information

Transit Providers

  • AS2914 (NTT), 400G
  • AS3356 (CenturyLink), 200G
  • AS6830 (Liberty Global), 400G
  • AS6762 (Seabone), 200G
  • AS174 (Cogent), 400G


  • AMS-IX, 200G + 10G
  • NL-IX, 100G
  • DE-CIX Frankfurt, 40G
  • `- DE-CIX Dusseldorf
  • `- DE-CIX Hamburg
  • `- DE-CIX Munic
  • LINX, 40G
  • ERA-IX, 10G

Private Peering

  • AS5400 (BT), 30G
  • AS6774 (BICS), 100G
  • AS8657 (Telecom PT), 20G
  • AS24875 (Novoserve), 100G
  • AS24940 (Hetzner), 100G
  • AS24961 (myLoc), 10G
  • AS28971 (FIORD), 10G
  • AS50673 (Serverius), 100G
  • AS15169 (Google), 40G
  • AS49981 (Worldstream), 20G
  • AS13335 (Cloudflare), 200G
  • AS31173 (31173 Services AB), 10G