VPLS interconnects

VPLS interconnects

€ 25.00 Per 1 month.

VPLS interconnect

Private interconnectivity between two or more sites (points of presence).

All point of presence locations are redundantly setup.

We accept ethernet encapsulation or (un)tagged vlans.

There is a fair use policy active for the amount of mac-addresses permitted on each vsi (virtual switch instance). If you plan to use more than 100 mac-addresses per vsi please contact us for approval.

You will require at least two interconnects in order to setup a connection from site A to site B. Please make sure to order at least two interconnects if you do not have any sites connected to our platform yet.


Point of Presence
VPLS physical port
VPLS type
Your current price: €25.00 (setup fee of €50.00 not included)

Payment term

Per 1 month