HP DL320e Budget 2

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- Free regular support (24/7)
- English and Dutch

- Advanced iLO included
- Remote reboot port included
- We are no reseller, we own all our hardware

- All network ports are dedicated and non-overbooked
- We have our own Network with tier 1 transits
- Total of 2500GE+ transit and peering capacity (noc.nforce.com)
- 20GE+ capacity to each rack
- Incoming bandwidth is always free
- Live bandwidth statistics

Contact us (support@nforce.com) if you need help configuring your server or are unsure about which setup works best for you and your company.

Tip: you can fully customize the server with our server builder and select the right hardware for you.

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application/pdf HP DL320e G8 Quickspecs
Added: 14th March 2013


ChassisHP DL320e G8
Processor(s)Intel E3-1270v2 (3.5-3.9Ghz, 4C/8T)
Memory8 GB
Harddisk(s)2x 2 TB SATA
Harddisk(s)2x 120 GB SSD (Intel)
Other1x IPv4 address
Uplink port1 GBIT dedicated
Incoming bandwidthUnmetered
Outgoing bandwidth10 TB


IPv4 Addresses
Operating System

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€ 66.40
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€ 50.00


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€ 24.44

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Recurring Per month € 66.40
Setup Fee € 50.00
VAT € 24.44

First payment (excl. VAT) € 116.40
First payment (incl. VAT) € 140.84